exile district

Not long ago, a mad scientist by the name of Gregory Anth York, invented a deadly airborne virus capable of spreading at an enormous rate. He is also the only person able to find the cure. The Russians and the Americans are after him. However, the Russians have captured him first and imprisoned him in a secret facility. With the help of Interpol, The Americans have been able to find the location and sent 4 spies to extract the mad scientist. However, it’s now been over a month and there has been no news of the spies. The CIA has sent you, the new recruits, to find answers. Since your deployment, you too have been captured and imprisoned in a maximum security prison in an exile district north of Antarctica. Escape using your wit and find out what happened to the spies and the mad scientist. Goodluck agents, we’re counting on you.


Success Rate: 5%
Fear Factor:

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