time shrine

25 years have passed since Harry Potter defeated He Who Must Not Be Named

(voldemort). Life has taken its course and a new wave of young wizards is about to

start their own journey.

12 years old, James Sirius Potter followed his father’s footsteps and here begins

his story at The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You’ve just befriended James. And just like his father, James is very much the

curious and adventurous type. One night, James convinces you to go look in the

dungeon. You see, James grew up hearing all the great adventures his father

has been through with his uncle Ron. You decide to join him. Upon arriving at the

dungeon, you accidentally trip over a cobble and uncover a secret room.

The door suddenly locks itself behind you. You are now stuck with James in this

secret room. Find your way out before Miss Norris and Filch the caretaker finds



Success Rate: 5%
Fear Factor:

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