hyperbolic chamber

Brentford Lachlan Clifford was a university professor specializing in numerous scientific fields including astronomy, physics, and mathematics. His extensive studies in the theory of Time-traveling Wormholes won him a Nobel Prize in physics. He believed a “wormhole cannot only be used to shuttle back and forth between planets, but it can also bring people back to the past”.

Clifford was kind and well respected by the local people, but everything changed on November 11, 1978 when his wife was killed in a car accident. He then never left his study room, choosing instead to only focus on his theories. Several months later, the police found that he disappeared from his home. From that day forward, one of the most prominent scientists of the 20th century was never heard from again, nor was a body ever found. It’s now 2010 and a major developer has finalized plans to rezone the land for a residential complex. The descendants of the family are still strongly attached to Clifford’s house and want to try to solve their relative’s mysterious disappearance before any clues are gone forever. You are detectives, scientists, and masters of mystery sent in to find an answer to what happened to Clifford that fateful night in 1978. Good luck.




Success Rate: 3%
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