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We have established why the Peter Pan generation came to be, what we stand for as a group, and just how super we can all be when we put our creative minds to the test. Fuelled by a blend of artisanal coffees and technological know-how, we are most certainly a generational force to be reckoned with. As fun as life can be; it isn’t easy being super all the time. Increasing social activity
amongst our age group, means finding balance in our work and social lives can be a daunting prospect. Some manage to maintain an even keel, whilst most (me included), find ourselves favouring social aspects of our lives a little too much from time to time. If there were some sort of secret recipe to finding balance I could give you, I promise I would. Instead this post will hopefully provide a little personal perspective; from which you can develop your own understanding on what it is to have a strong work-life balance.


Without trying to sound like every teacher you’ve ever encountered, it is important to set targets in life, and realistic ones too. Even more so in your daily life, try to let go of your inner perfectionist! As you grow older, more accomplished in your work field, and part a wider group socially, you may find that the lines of perfection become blurred along with your field of interests. You may well have less time to focus on each personal interest. Instead of constantly pushing for perfection across the board, try striving for excellence within a few select fields; this way, you’ll probably find yourself more accomplished, and satisfied with your own achievements than if you’d pushed even harder.

Switch Off

There are many of us that could benefit from a lesson or two in switching off. For some, the working day doesn’t end once they leave the office. Technological advances within the past 20 years have made our generation ‘forever connected’. As great as this can be socially, it can be a bane professionally. For a change, try switching your phone off for an hour or two once the working day comes to a close. The sense of freedom a lack of connection to the outside world can bring is almost liberating. Don’t fret, I am only being honest when I say this but you’re not about to lose your job as a result of taking a little bit of you time.

You do You

Of course, for those of you with a great job, and strong career progression prospects; personal life and work may well converge into one at times. If this feels right by you, then you do you. The key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance is ensuring you don’t burn yourself out; and nobody knows better than yourself what you’re capable of. Just remember to switch off when it really matters; when you’re at a family meal, a sibling’s soccer game, or hanging out with friends; put the notifications to rest for a while, they’ll still be there when the moment isn’t.

Time is Precious

We mustn’t forget one of the most important factors in maintaining a stable work-life balance, time. The inevitable progression of time can bring with it a whole new world of dilemmas and limitations when considering our life goals. Consider this; if you’re active now, enjoy hiking, running, or various other strenuous sports. Those same activities won’t be so easy 20 years down the line. So for you, I would say take those weekend hiking trips and push yourself while you can! If you have a passion for travel, reap the benefits of years of technological breakthroughs in transportation. This generation may be known for its ‘Yolo’ attitudes, and forever-young mentality. But the simple truth is we aren’t forever young, nobody is; so while we are young why shouldn’t we seize the day however possible? Enjoying the fruits of this astonishing planet whilst we are primed to do so.


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